January 23rd Headline Books   ISBN 0 7472 1549 9

January 23rd

January 23rd was the original title of The Anniversary, so named because the president was assassinated three days after her inauguration.

Published in Great Britain by Headline Books, this is simply a British version of The Anniversary

January 23rd is available in both hard cover and paperback.

The book was also published in German, under the title Im Namen der Prasidenin

Selected Works

Random House, 1996
Headline Books, 1995
Novel in progress
Short Fiction
Appeared in the anthology D*cked: Dark Fiction Inspired by Dick Cheney (2011).
In Turning Up The Leaves, Coe Review Pres, 2000
In UnEarth, Second Anniversary Issue, Winter 1979
Just for Fun
In BBQ'ed Poetry, 1989

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