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Facts About Me

I live in LA, and love it.

I am a raging, bleeding heart liberal.

I am fascinated by robots.

I love all tech gadgets even if I can't figure out how to work them.

I relocate spiders and crickets.

I pretty much believe that anything can happen.


I was born in California, grew up in Iowa, escaped to New York and eventually returned home to California. Along the way, I married a musician, had two children (boy and girl), amicably ended the marriage, and watched said children become pretty cool people.

Like most writers, I have always written: fanciful tales penned as a child; awful, angst-ridden poetry in my teens; lines scribbled on cocktail napkins (a college pastime); and literally every other word venue stories, essays, journals, articles, novels as an adult.

I graduated with a BA in English from Coe College in Cedar Rapids, IA. Several other professional writers were in my graduating class it was a good year. No post-graduate degrees, although a reviewer once said I wrote about "over-educated women." I'm still choking on that one.

And, yes, I've always made my living as a writer, albeit mostly in the corporate realm. Sure, day jobs that involve writing, strategic thinking and tons of stress can drain the creative juices, but if you've got kids to raise and bills to pay, ya gotta put your skills to work.

I've plied my word-spinning in publishing, advertising, marketing, investor relations, corporate communications and employee communications - from startups to mega companies - and I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy these jobs. My colleagues are typically super smart; the challenges are interesting, and I have a good head for this stuff. Would I rather spend all my time writing fiction? Maybe - but It's all good.

Member: The Authors Guild; Pen Center USA

Selected Works

Random House, 1996
Headline Books, 1995
Novel in progress
Short Fiction
Appeared in the anthology D*cked: Dark Fiction Inspired by Dick Cheney (2011).
In Turning Up The Leaves, Coe Review Pres, 2000
In UnEarth, Second Anniversary Issue, Winter 1979
Just for Fun
In BBQ'ed Poetry, 1989

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